About us

Which was your favourite game growing up?

We are convinced that you, like us, still got a childish side and that you still get a warm feeling when you come to think of that specific game. A positive childhood memory.

Our ambition is to create as many happy memories like these, for as many children, as possible. Our nannies make this happen by continuously challenging and stimulating your child physically, as well as intellectually. We call it “active child-care”.

All due respect to your private gym instructor and your hedge fund manager… But your child is the most precious thing you have, which makes our responsibility huge. We welcome the challenge and feel comfortable that our carefully handpicked nannies, along with our internal capacities will provide everything you could ever wish for. All our nannies are DBS (criminal record) checked, have gone through a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training and have completed our internal onboarding courses. These are necessities, but apart from the necessary safety procedures, we stand out through our focus on fun and games and happy memory creation!

Hey Kiddo stems from Sweden’s leading private tutoring group, which has been tutoring kids and teenagers since 2004. With Studybuddy and My Academy as sister companies, a pedagogical approach comes natural to us and we are firm believers in the positive effects on a child’s confidence that comes from tackling difficult challenges and beating them. After more than 15 years of improving kids´ confidences, as well as their grades, we know how kids can grow from being intellectually challenged and that applies to laying puzzles, as well as solving equations. It all comes down to the nanny being able to initiate activities that are both fun and challenging!

Was it hide and seek?


All our nannies have experience from babysitting and have gone through our recruitment process. They have all passed a DBS check, they are all educated in CPR and they have all gone through and passed our internal nanny-course.


All respect to today’s Ipads and smartphones, but our nannies always strive to make their time with the kids as active and playful as possible. Just like our sister company, Studybuddy tutoring we want all nanny/child relationships to build on curiosity and a love for learning. Bedtime usually means diving into the amazing imaginary world of child literature.



Your child’s wellbeing and happiness is of course important thing, which is why flexibility “only” comes third in this list. However, life is unpredictable, and we strive to be there for you when you cannot be at two places at once. We have continuous plans as well as well as flexible ones, to cater for every need, today and tomorrow.