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Find your Au-pair in Sweden through Hey Kiddo! 

We help your family with your everyday life regardless if you want short-term assistance, a nanny on full- or part-time or a nanny living with you. An au pair in Sweden can help you with your work-life balance by assisting in pick-up, drop-off, shopping and cleaning. If you are already in contact with an au pair we can hire them. Then the service is both legal and warranted for RUT deduction. Your nanny will go through an education in security and gets insurance from us.

We can also find and provide an au pair who can live with you within a couple of months. We have no charge for finding candidates, but the minimum time for having an au pair is 6 months and we send an invoice monthly for the service.

I Want an Au Pair

Why Get an Au Pair with Hey Kiddo?

All nannies at Hey Kiddo have gone through an education in security and CPR. We have also of course made a thorough background check and made sure that they have previous experience in childcare. At Hey Kiddo Nanny we value activities and encourage our nannies to identify the interests of the child early on. It can be everything from sports to painting or cooking. The parents should feel safe and the children should have fun with an au pair from Hey Kiddo!

Price for an Au Pair

For “normal sittings”, where your nanny doesn’t live with you, the following prices apply. For an au pair the price is different, because then you also provide food and accommodation. First you have to decide on how many hours a week you expect your nanny to “work” and how many hours of leisure time they will have. Secondly we will decide on a fair salary together. We are open to having a lower hourly salary than we normally offer, given that you provide food and accommodation.

You can decide on the reimbursement yourself, but if the salary is too low you risk minimizing our selection. When the conditions are set we begin advertising the job, hire and educate the au pair in security specifically for you.

Price example, Au-Pair

Hourly Salary 100 SEK
Your hourly fee 100 SEK

 hours per week 25 h
Monthly salary to Au-pair 10 875 SEK
Your monthly fee 10 875 SEK

We have no “finders fee”, but we do have a 6-month minimum, when hiring an Au-pair through Hey Kiddo. You should also keep in mind, that a low salary/few hours per week will limit our chances of finding a good candidate.  Some families already have an Au-pair that they would like to employ. In these cases we are able to provide a 5% discount as we don’t have to recruit a new Au-pair.  

Employing your own Au-pair through Hey Kiddo gives you a 5% discount. For each 100kr we pay your Au-pairyou will pay 95kr.   

Regardless of whether we find you an bilingual Au pair, or if you bring your own Au-pair to us, we always do a criminal record check and provide CPR-training before employment. We look forward to talking to you soon and finding you the perfect nanny/Au-pair! 

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    Find Your Au Pair in Sweden – 3 Simple Steps

    It is easy to hire a nanny with Hey Kiddo, simple setups without extra charges. Read more about our offer for childcare here. Or contact us directly and we will tell you more about it.

    • Call us on +46 8 409 145 50 or fill out the form further down on the page
    • An introductory first call to fulfil your needs
    • You get to meet your au pair. First meeting is always free of charge!