This checklist is to support you as a nanny during your first session with a new family.
Go through it point by point with the parents.

Contact persons 

  • Who is the contact person for bookings and emergencies? 
  • Contact person no. 2 (if contact person no. 1 does not answer)
  • Exchange phone numbers with both

The children and the home

  • Allergies and/or medication
  • The children’s personalities and interests
  • The child’s mood (e.g. tired after preschool?)
  • The family’s rules and routines
  • Routines regarding sweets / snack time / dinner etc.?
  • Rules for video games / ipads etc.?
  • Night time routines
  • Quick tour around the house/area so you know where everything is 
  • Kitchen 
  • Vacuum and other cleaning materials (you are expected to leave the home in good conditions)
  • Plasters and first aid kit
  • Outdoor wear, change of clothes and shoes 
  • Are there any parks or playgrounds in the neighbourhood which the children enjoy visiting?  
  • Bathroom routines 
  • Go through diaper-change routines with the parents (ask them to show you if you are unsure!) 
  • Make sure to always change into a clean, new diaper before the parents come home


  • Ask the parent(s) to inform the preschool if you are to pick up the child(ren)
  • Note down the preschools address and department
  • Is there a specific contact person at the preschool?

Other / General

  • Do you need a key? – Notify the office so that we can send a key receipt to the family
  • How will you arrange time bookings?
  • What days/times will you meet?
  • Are there any other special dates that the family already knows they need help with? (In addition to your regular meetings, check if you are available then!)
  • Anything else the parents would like to bring up?

IMPORTANT! Confirm the time and date for your next work shift – or book a play date!

Even if the family has no immediate need for childcare, the meeting should still be booked. It is important for the child to spend time with you as a nanny early on, so that the child feels safe and comfortable when you, for example, pick them up at the preschool for the first time. Maybe book a play date just a few days after the introductory meet-up?