Corporate solutions

We help companies of all sizes help their employees. We cater for the expat family needing a full-time nanny, but we also have solutions for companies wanting to enable employees to stay late and not having to worry about kindergarten pickup once or twice a week. Nanny perks are greatly appreciated by employees and the investment is usually paid off by increased efficiency and reduced employee churn.

Taking care of sick children (VAB)

We know from experience that foreign business partners have limited understanding for delays due to the VAB (staying home to take care of your sick child), often seriously impacting businesses throughout the flu season Jan-March. Our nannies can step in with short notice and take care of children being home from school or kindergarten due to sickness.

School holidays

Not all business can completely close in July. Not all employees can stay home that particular day the pre-school happens to have a “planning day”. Hey Kiddo can help your employees bridge these difficulties with first class baby sitters.

Continuous help – a god given perk!

Help your employees focus on their jobs. Many companies pay for a nanny to pick up the kids and cook for them once or twice a week. Your employee can stay late, finish up a project, and don’t have to feel guilty about it. Quite the opposite – our nannies make it a memorable, fun time for the kids.