Certified nannies and babysitters

Our nannies have child safety education and offer both sporadic and regular childcare

Certified nannies
and babysitters

Always with child safety education We offer both sporadic and regular childcare

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Babysitter from Hey Kiddo – why?

Security and Education

With all due respect to your personal trainer and fund manager, your child is most important and therefore we have a great responsibility in our work. This is something we honor. Together with our amazing nannies, who are carefully selected, verified and educated in security, we can guarantee both safety and devotion.

For All Ages and Needs

Our ambition is to meet every unique need of our families, whether it is about scheduling, language or other special requests. Together with you as a parent, we can customise a plan for reocurring or occasional sittings. Our nannies take care of children of all ages and can also help with their siblings.

The Children in Focus

Our nannies always strive to make the meetings as active and playful as possible. And like our sister company StudyBuddy – Private Tutors we want the relationship between child and nanny to be characterized by joy and development. It should be fun to have a nanny from Hey Kiddo!

How We Ease Your Work-life Balance with a Nanny in Sweden:


First Contact

We make an analysis of your needs via phone or email and take note of your needs and special requirements for the nanny. Here we answer questions such as; When? Where? Are there any siblings? Does your nanny need to speak a specific language?


Selection of Nanny

Now we have enough information about your needs to choose a nanny in Sweden. Regardless of our recommendation you can be sure that all of them have been in-service trained in both security and CPR.


Presentation of Your Nanny

You will get a presentation of the nanny we have chosen for you. In most cases you are immediately satisfied, and the whole process is of course free of charge. You will start paying when the nanny starts working, and the first introductory meeting with your nanny is on us!

Happy customers =)

Nannies in Sweden

We are convinced that you, like us, still got a childish side and that you still get a warm feeling when you come to think of that specific game. A positive childhood memory.

Our ambition is to create as many happy memories like these, for as many children, as possible. Our nannies and babysitters make this happen by continuously challenging and stimulating your child physically, as well as intellectually. We call it “active child-care”.

About Hey Kiddo Nanny!

So you want to know more about Hey Kiddo Nanny in Sweden. Maybe you need assistance in your everyday life? Do you need help with picking up your children from preschool? Or do you want a date night away from the children? In any case, our nannies are educated in security and here for you and your child.

Our job is to help you with your work-life balance as a parent and offer security and happiness for your child.

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Child-care – fr 135 SEK/h

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