Nanny – RUT deduction

Higher RUT/ROT deduction in 2021

Higher RUT/ROT deduction in 2021. The maximal tax deduction for household services (RUT) is increased from 50000 kr to 75 000 kr per person in 2021. The 2020 annual ceiling for ROT and RUT services combined was 50 000 kr and the ceiling for ROT (renovations, etc) is still 50 000 kr going into 2021, but another 25 000 per person and year is now available to use for RUT services 

With two working adults in a household, you are eligible for a total of 150 000 kr worth of RUT tax deductions in 2021. If you use 100 000 kr worth of ROT deductions for renovations, you have maxed out your ROT allowance, but you may still use the remaining 50 000 kr per household for RUT services, which include cleaning and babysitting.  

 Maximal ROT Maximal RUT Maximal total amount for ROT+RUT 
2020          50 000 kr          50 000 kr                          50 000 kr  
2021          50 000 kr          75 000 kr                          75 000 kr  

Higher RUT/ROT deduction in 2021

The tax authorities will notify you how much of the RUT/ROT deduction you have used monthly and we urge you to notify us as soon as you reach your allowance, so that we may switch over the invoicing to your partner.  

Feel free to contact us at 08-409 145 50 if you have any further questions in regards to ROT/RUT or if you wish to try a nanny from Hey Kiddo