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Active child-care in Stockholm with Hey Kiddo!

Hey Kiddo was founded in Stockholm and this is also where we are based. Don’t be surprised if some of our nannies know where the child’s preschool teacher has their summer house, or which slide is the fastest in Vasastan. Because hey! We are actually from Stockholm!

Our nannies have probably played at each playground in our beautiful, salty-sweet city. Because we believe in fun and games. So much so that we even try to measure our children’s happiness and use it as one of our key “KPIs” for evaluating our nannies and Hey Kiddo as a company.

“Fun and games” is what we are all about, but with that being said – we never compromise on safety. All our nannies are educated in child safety and CPR.

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    FAQ about Our Au-Pairs


    • Do You Only Have Au-Pairs in Stockholm?

      No, you can also hire an Au-Pair in Gothenburg.

      An Example of the Price of an Au-Pair:
      Salary per Hour 100 SEK
      Your price including VAT and RUT deduction  100 SEK

      Work hours per week 25 h
      Monthly salary for the nanny 10 875 SEK
      Your price including VAT and RUT deduction 10 875 SEK

    • Who Gets an Au-Pair in Sweden?

      It varies but most often it is families who either work a lot or who are living in Sweden temporarily and don’t want to send their children off to school or preschool.

    • Can the Au-Pair Come Along on a Vacation?

      Yes they can. But this has to be approved by the individual. The major principle is that our Au-Pairs get paid for all their work hours on the trip, as in when they are actively spending time with the children.

    • Are All your Nannies Bilingual?

      Most of our nannies and Au-Pairs are bilingual and speak both Swedish and English fluently. If you have any special needs for another language we will try to assist you. We have nannies with origin from many different countries.

    • Babysitter through my job

      Many workplaces offer nannies to their employees as a perk. This is especially common among expat families, but it’s becoming increasingly more common for non-expats too. Read more on corporate solutions here.

    • What is the difference between a nanny/ babysitter?

      It’s all the same. Child-care / baby sitting or having a nanny.  

    • How long does it take to get a nanny?

      It depends on where you live and the requirements you have, but we always aim to set you up with a nanny within a week. Sometimes it could be within hours.  

    • Do your nannies have training?

      All our nannies are educated in child safety and has passed a CPR training. They have also been background checked and they all have previous experience from babysitting before starting their employment at Hey Kiddo. Many of our nannies speak other languagesas well as Swedish, and you may request language skills, as well as experience with certain diagnoses like autism or ADHD.  

    • Dropping off and picking up from school/ kindergarten

      Our nannies can both drop off and pick your kids up from school or kindergarten. They can also drop your kid/kids of at sporting activities and the alike. It is however important to keep in mind that not all our nannies have access to a car.  

    • Babysitting with RUT

      Our child-care and our nannies are covered by the RUT, a tax deduction reducing the cost by 50% 

    • What does a nanny cost?

      A nanny costs from 149 kr/ hour including the “RUT-deduction”.