Sickness, Covid-19 and Hygiene

If the child or nanny becomes sick

If you child is showing symptoms of Covid-19, you have to inform the nanny before your next scheduled session. If he/she is already immune, you are free to continue as usual, but make sure to always inform.

The nanny will contact you if your child becomes sick while you nanny is watching him/her. For this reason, it’s important for you to always bring your phone with you when we’re babysitting your child.

Our nannies can usually take care of your child despite he/she being sick, but we do not recommend babysitting if the child is vomiting.

If you nanny becomes sick and cannot babysit your child, we will find a substitute nanny if you wish.

Hygiene and Covid-19

Keeping a good hygiene is crucial for kids, as well as adults. This is even more important now, during the covid-19 pandemic.

Wash your hands
A virus can easily stick to a child’s, or nanny’s hands. Our nannies always make sure your child washes his/her hands before eating and after coming home from playing outside, or when returning home from kindergarten.

Social distancing
We apply the recommendations from folkhälsomyndigheten and encourage our nannies to keep a distance to random people, while out and about with your child.